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Posted by in News

May 8, 2017

By J. André Weisbrod

Do you regret some major financial decisions?  Most people do.

In 2016 published results of a survey that found only 17% of Americans said they had no financial regrets.  The biggest regrets were:

·         Not saving for retirement early enough

·         Not saving for emergency expenses

·         Taking on too much student loan debt

·         Taking on too much credit card debt

·         Not saving enough for children’s’ educations

·         Buying a bigger house than you could afford

I have heard many people express regrets over these actions as well as others, including spending too much on vacations, too much on cars, buying the wrong or too expensive insurance, and making bad investments.  None of us is perfect and I imagine most of us – even the 17% in denial above – would change some financial decisions if we could.

Living in the past doesn’t do much good.  But learning from it is very good.  The younger we get this the better.   But no matter our age or situation, we can take actions to improve our financial condition.  I submit seven major actions:

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Part 2: Strategies for Different People at Different Stages of Life

May 17, 2016

By: J. André Weisbrod


  • Where to put your investment capital is a key consideration for anyone.
  • Part 1 made a compelling case for equity investments for people of all ages.
  • But there is a more important planning consideration that must come first:  Will you have or do you have enough capital? If you are not yet retired, are you investing enough of your income so that you can become financially independent?  If you are at retirement age or already in retirement, do you have enough capital to create an inflation-proof income for the rest of your life?  If not, then “retirement” (I prefer the word “independence”) may not be an option.  Sign up for a free membership on our website and you can access many free planning Cool Tools.
  • Where to put your investments is a futile question if you haven’t addressed the previous issue.
  • Once you have addressed the planning considerations, you can then address where to put your investments.

When I was a young boy I would watch my father come home from work, clear out his pockets full of keys and notes and money and put them on his dresser.  The change was put in a cardboard box. 

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"All budgets fail.  To succeed you must plan failure into your budget." -- J. Andre Weisbrod

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"Plan. Budget. Discipline. Succeed." - J. Andre Weisbrod  (See Proverbs 13:16, 16:3, 21:5, Psalm 127:1, Luke 14:28-30, I Corinth. 3:10-11)

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"Seek quality and excellence in what you do and buy."  -- J. Andre Weisbrod  (Consider Proverbs 22:29 and Phil. 1:10 and 4:8)

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Occasionally I come across an article that needs to be shared, and this is one of those.  It is thought provoking and cuts to the truth with some humor while creating a few "ouch" moments for most of us.  Enjoy.


77 Reasons Why You're Awful At Managing Money

Morgan Housel 

People usually get better at things over time. We're better farmers, faster runners, safer pilots, and more accurate weather forecasters than we were 50 years ago.


But there's something about money that gets the better of us. If you look at the rate of personal bankruptcies, financial crises, bubbles, student loans, debt defaults, and savings rates, I wonder whether people are just as bad at managing money today as they were in previous generations, maybe even worse. It's one of the only areas in life we seem to get progressively dumber at. 

Here are 77 reasons why people are awful at managing money.

Click here to go to the rest of the article:


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March 1, 2013                Follow STAAR Financial onFacebookandTwitter

Buy or Rent?  8 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home

By J. Andre Weisbrod

Buying a home is a huge decision.  A bad decision can have an enormous cost in money, emotional distress and time.   But a good decision can create greater wealth, security and happiness. 

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“Don't tell me where your priorities are... 

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February 28, 2013                                                Follow STAAR Financial onFacebookandTwitter

Editor: J. Andre Weisbrod

Sequester: Much Ado About Nothing?

Of course they could do another midnight deal again, but it looks like there will be no deal this time on the "Sequester."  That means that automatic budget costs will come into play over the course of many months unless the Obama Administration and the Republican controlled House can cut a deal.  Boo hoo.

There has been much demagoguery on this with some Democrats and the President himself sounding a lot like Chicken Little in their doomsday warnings.  And the Republicans have not been bastions of integrity either.  But then political posturing is usually fraught with hyperbole and theater of the absurd.

As we understand it, the total budget cuts required total $1.2 trillion over 9 years with only about $44 billion in 2013, not the $85 billion some politicians have been touting (source - Congressional Budget Office).  That last figure is only a bit over a 1% cut in the estimated spending of $3.55 trillion the CBO estimates for 2013.  And the government will still spend more in 2013 than it did in 2012!  The truth is that the "sequester" isn't enough by far.

Most of us in the private sector have had to undergo much harsher cuts, not only

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No, I am not inferring anything about Wall Street or big banks, lawyers or the government during tax season. This has little to do with finances or investments, but I saw it and wanted to share. As a scuba diver many friends ask me about sharks.  They commonly think sharks are extremely dangerous.  This is a good video with excellent comments regarding reality...  Animals are to be respected and care is to be taken to avoid danger, but if you are careful, you can exist side by side with little fear.  Most shark attacks, rare as they are, happen due to a mistake (from below surfer looks like a sea lion or seal) or people provoking them.  For more, go to my friend's site:  Amos takes people around the world to be "in the company of big animals."  God's creation is wonderful and when we learn to relax with nature, nature gives back tenfold.  If this has anything to do with your finances it comes as a recommendation to spend some of your recreational budget experiencing a marvelous world above and below the seas.



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