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How We Work With You

Your financial health is our reason for existence.  We seek to meet your needs and objectives.  We do not use standardized, cookie-cutter solutions. We have organized our business and the way we get paid to be in line with your objectives. If you are successful, we are successful.

To this end we have designed our services to fit a variety of situations and objectives. Whether you are just starting out, are a seasoned investor or even a financial professional, we seek to provide valuable resources for your finances and enhance your life.

Just use the drop down list on this main tab our click below to find the service(s) that are best for you.


FREE Services - Our web site offers many free resources, including the STAARBlog which publishes interesting and relevant information and links. You can follow us on FaceBook and Twitter. Our library will archive articles and information on a variety of topics. Looking for information on Roth IRAs, income taxes or asset allocation? How about working principles for finance and business? We have some helpful tools that offer assistance with your financial and investment planning.

VIP Membership - This annual subscription service adds advanced resources, including:

STAARStrategies Reports – Market analysis and planning information, typically published 12-24 times per year.

STAARPortfolios Service – Asset Allocation Models to help you design your investment portfolio.

STAARCoolTools - Advanced Tools to help with your planning

STAARClient Services

STAARBase Service – This annual subscription qualifies you for a deep discount on our hourly consulting fees.   We will respond to your needs and objectives to the best of our abilities and when we do not have sufficient expertise or qualifications we are able to refer you to other professionals.

STAARManagement Services – For a competitive fee calculated as a percentage of the assets under management, we provide portfolio design and management services for private and institutional clients. Individuals, families, trusts, endowments, foundations and pension funds can all benefit from our experience and expertise. And we provide many value-added planning services at no extra charge.

STAARExclusive Research Services – This research and consulting service is for professional portfolio managers, financial advisors and accredited investors.

STAARFunds – go to for prospectuses and information.

GivingBackWe are thankful. Over the years many people have helped us and we want to give back. We encourage our people to be involved in church and community in productive and supportive ways. One way STAAR Financial Advisors helps is by offering programs to community groups, churches, schools and other non-profit organizations.

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