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Cool Tools

Welcome to the Cool Tools section of the SFA Money site. Here you can access calculators as well as planning tools, tables and more to help you with your investments and other financial matters.

Please note that these tools are self-help reference tools and not intended to replace the guidance of appropriate professional advisers that should be consulted before making important financial or investment decisions.

Tools are accessible only to Registered Members of the STAAR Subscription Services.  (There are three Registered categories: Free, VIP and Professional/Accredited Investors)

PLANNING: (FREE) How much do I need to save to Retire?

PLANNING: (FREE) How much do I need to save for a Targeted Purpose?

PLANNING: (FREE) Future Value of a Lump Sum

PLANNING: (FREE) Future Values of Monthly Contributions

PLANNING: (FREE) Loan Payment Calculator

PLANNING: (FREE) Budget Planning Worksheet

PLANNING: (FREE) Chart: Life Planning Focus

PLANNING: (VIP) Roth IRA vs. Traditional IR or 401(k)

PLANNING: (VIP) The STAAR Independence Day Plan

PLANNING (VIP) STAAR Strategies Reports - See Blog and Archives

INVESTING: (FREE) Asset Allocation Models

INVESTING: (VIP) Interactive Asset Allocation Modeling Tool

INVESTING: (FREE) ETFs for Use in General Asset Allocation Models

INVESTING: (Pro) ETFs - Expanded List by General Asset Allocation Category 

INVESTING: (Pro) STAARExclusive Historical Alerts & Commentary 

INVESTING: (Pro) STAARExclusive STAARExclusive International ETF Grid 12-31-2013

INVESTING: (Pro) STAARExclusive International Stocks Decision Grid

INVESTING: (Pro) STAARExclusive STAARExclusive Larger Company ETF Grid 12-31-2013

INVESTING: (Pro) STAARExclusive Larger Company Stocks Decision Grid

INVESTING: (Pro) STAARExclusive STAARExclusive Smaller Company ETF Grid 12-31-2013

INVESTING: (Pro) STAARExclusive Smaller Company Stocks Decision Grid

INVESTING: (Pro) STAARExclusive  STAARExclusive Global ETF Grid 12-31-2013

STAAR Financial Advisors, Inc. does not guarantee accuracy of calculations and takes no responsibility for decisions made as a result of members’ use of these tools.  Appropriate financial planning, investment, tax and legal professionals should be consulted before making financial decisions.