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FREE Services

STAARBlog – 2-3 times per week we publish interesting and relevant information and links. You can also follow us on FaceBook and Twitter to be alerted when content is published.

STAARPrinciples – We conduct our business according to working principles that have worked for thousands of years. These are perhaps the most important gifts we can share with you, and we do so at no charge.

STAARLibrary – Past articles, reports as well as tables, links to other resources and other information can be found in our library.

STAARCoolTools – We provide some basic tools to help you with your planning. How much do I need to save? Future Values of lump sums and monthly contributions. Real Return after Inflation and Taxes. Loan Payment Calculator. Life Planning Focus Chart. Retirement Budget Calculator.

STAARIndependencePlan – Fast Track your financial planning. Most people don’t need to pay $500 to $10,000 for a plan. Start with this and then consult your advisors.

STAARPortfolios Asset Allocation Service – Asset Allocation Models to help you design your investment portfolio.

Roth vs. Traditional IRA – Which is best for you?

Income Structuring - Here is a page to help you structure income from your investment portfolios as well as understand different types of investments and their “real returns.”